In my 10 years working with Cameron Recruitment, the service and quality of candidates remain unmatched.

Diane is one of the best head hunters in the business and her calm, honest and professional approach makes each transaction easy and effective.

We have been very happy with the candidates she has put forward, in fact some of our best employees have been recommended by Cameron Recruitment.

Sonia Jose

Human Resources Manager, Multispares Limited

I’ve worked with a number of recruiting firms both large and small over the course of my career. The staff at Cameron Recruitment were far and away the best I have ever dealt with. They were professional, courteous and the only organisation I have ever dealt with who actually listened to and understood the nuances of the role I was filling.

It would have been very easy for them to take the role title of Project Manager and apply a cookie cutter approach to filling the vacancy. Instead they listened to my explanation of the subtle differences to this role in my organisation and supplied candidates that could fit the bill. They were also refreshingly honest in their opinions on how well they thought each candidate would fit the role and the organisation.

They were also excellent at staying in touch to ascertain the candidate’s ongoing performance and our satisfaction levels after the placement was made. We were always given plenty of notice of upcoming renewals or paperwork/required activities on our part, which demonstrated a genuine professional respect for our organisation and any impost that was required on our time. We were able to obtain a suitable candidate from those supplied by Cameron Recruitment and were very happy with the overall outcome and level of service.

Samantha Gilbert

Product Manager, Vix Verify

I have known Cameron Recruitment since 2014 and they have assisted me with the recruitment of specialist IT positions. They have also successfully recruited across the board for Verifone Australia in Sydney and Melbourne, fulfilling both contract and permanent positions. Apart from placing a large number of IT roles across the company, they have also placed accounting, marketing and administration positions.

Often the candidates we seek require specialist and niche skills related to our industry. Cameron Recruitment has been able to thoroughly search and provide relevant candidates for Verifone.

The Consultants at Cameron Recruitment are always professional and dedicated to their roles and the task of finding candidates.
The communication and level of service provided is always of a high standard.
I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Cameron Recruitment.

Scott Bartlett

Head of IT Operations - ASPAC, Verifone Australia

I have known Cameron Recruitment and Diane Humphries in a professional capacity for nearly 10 years having recruited a variety of finance and accounting roles for me over that time. The roles have been at all levels and are both permanent and contract positions.

Cameron Recruitment always finds the candidates with the best fit as well as the appropriate skill set while also providing alternative options. The placements they made stayed in the organisation for a long time and the Candidates contributed greatly to our operation. Their processes are really solid and the level of communication is always appropriate.

I have no hesitation in recommending Cameron Recruitment to any organisation looking to utilise them.

Mark Welsby

Finance Manager, Corporate Services, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

Diane Humphries from Cameron Recruitment was great to work with.  There were a few delays from our side but she did a great job at keeping the candidates informed on the status.  At the end, it was a good outcome for all.

Kavita Kshetri

Delivery Manager Gateway, VeriFone New Zealand

RSPCA is extremely satisfied with the level and quality of service from Cameron Recruitment usually during difficult periods.

Brian Leow

Chief Financial Officer, RSPCA NSW

My experience with Cameron Recruitment has always been very good. They have always helped us to get the best talent available whenever required. Their work is very professional and organized which help a great deal.

Aparna Shete

Test Lead, Verifone Australia