You have seen an ideal new role, the company is great, you dazzle them in the interview, you leave and your gut instinct says ‘yes’  but a week goes by and you have yet to hear a response.  You are stuck in that odious situation of not wanting to appear too aggressive, eager or desperate but conversely firmly believe that this is the job for you. What to do?

In large recruitment firms it is often difficult to service prospective employees post interview. Unfortunately this is the time when you need encouragement the most.

Navigating follow ups can be tricky, particularly with a recruiter as the “middle man”. Smaller recruitment companies tend to offer more post interview service as they are more targeted.

Cameron Recruitment director Diane Humphries reveals, “The biggest criticism we receive from candidates is the lack of response and follow up by recruitment agencies when they apply for jobs or go to an interview. Unfortunately, a good Recruiter always has a big work load.  If they are not busy they are probably not a good recruiter!! An organised and good recruiter will arrange a mutual time for you to contact them after an interview or when they anticipate they will have some news on your job application.”

She adds, “I have also seen a disturbing trend develop by agencies with their written advertisements stating if you do not hear from us you are not suitable for the role.  This is a very short sighted attitude – as the reader may be a very good candidate for subsequent positions”.

Here are some post interview tips from Cameron Recruitment:

1-Rather than twist yourself in knots waiting for the phone to ring, seize the initiative and call your recruiter to discuss how you think the interview went. Talk over the key points so your recruiter can help you evaluate your performance. Primed with this background your recruiter can follow up with the client reinforcing your strengths and then give you advice on how to approach an interview in the future.

2- Follow up with a brief email re-iterating the key outcomes. Short, simple and sweet is best.

3- Take this time to seriously evaluate not only your performance but your instinct about the company, its culture and the executives you will be working with. Once the adrenalin and excitement has faded ensure that the job and/or company still meets your objectives. Create a list of points to follow up at a future interview or with your recruiter.

4- Bottom line. No matter how confident you feel post interview, defer any further contact with the client to your recruiter. Build a rapport with your recruiter and if this opportunity does not work out they will be in a much better position to work on your strengths and match you with the ideal role next time.