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For The Employer

The reasons why your organisation is looking for an interim solution will be unique to your current set of circumstances, and may include:
  • the need for specialist knowledge
  • emergency response analysis and resolution
  • a project requiring extra resources
  • long service or maternity leave requirements
  • immediate cover whilst looking to hire permanently
Whatever brings your organisation to Cameron Recruitment, you can be assured we have the experience within our vast candidate talent pool to fulfil your skill ‘gap’.  With our broad industry knowledge we are well-equipped to help you navigate through compliance, payroll and legislation.  If there is a system you seek to understand, let us guide you to success.
​By placing experienced contractors, as and when required, ​Cameron Recruitment has achieved ​excellent ​results ​for our client businesses. We use a team of qualified executives and industry professionals who have worked across multiple industry sectors.
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For The Candidate

Over the many years practising in the contracting marketplace we have seen the increasing acceptance of professional contractors across all industry sectors.  Becoming a contractor through Cameron Recruitment can open up possible career avenues, skills development and learning opportunities that may not be available as a permanent employee.  At the same time we continually stay in touch and support you during your interim role at our client organisations.
Whether you have contracted your services in the past, or you are looking at contracting as an alternative to a permanent role for the first time, we are pleased to share our experience with you.
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