Cameron Recruitment

As the Director of Cameron Recruitment, I am proud to present our new website:

The modern look, improved user experience and enhanced content are designed to help clients and candidates better interact with us.

Our mission at Cameron Recruitment is to find great team members for organisations. We want clients to be more successful and have peace of mind as a result of the candidates we place with them. We want candidates to accelerate their careers and gain personal fulfillment through the environments we place them into.

At each step of every relationship we deliver value, advice and an expert point of view. We aim to always provide an exceptional customer experience and the highest professional standards.

This website redesign reinforces our brand mission. It also showcases our expansion into the IT and cyber security recruitment space.

In addition to our general recruitment services, Cameron Recruitment now specialises in fulfilling the technology requirements of our client base.

Australia is currently experiencing a shortage of candidates in the cyber security sector, making it challenging to find the right staff. We can assist you by providing both local and overseas applicants.

Our updated website allows us to continue expanding our relationships in a world that is constantly evolving in the digital sector. The redesign is the foundation to build meaningful dialogue and interaction while seeking the best cyber security staff to protect your business.

While you may not be directly responsible for IT or cyber security recruitment, it’s vital your business is proactive in this area.

The latest MinterEllison ‘Perspectives on Cyber Risk’ report found more than half of respondents rank cyber risk among the top five risks on their enterprise risk register — a significant increase from its initial survey in 2015, when only 29% of respondents gave cyber risk this ranking.

MinterEllison’s head of its cyber security practice, Paul Kallenbach, has advised companies to minimise their cyber risk by developing their own set of baseline privacy and data-protection rules and testing them regularly.

Cameron Recruitment can help ensure your company stays secure by assisting you in recruiting the right personnel to meet your needs.

I look forward to your feedback on the new-look website and the exciting new developments to come in cyber security recruitment.