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Cameron Consulting

Cameron Consulting was established to provide tailored expertise to our clients at times of transformational change where existing internal resources were not enough and where a viable and cheaper alternative to “brand-name” consulting firms was preferable.
The length and level of involvement is completely contingent upon the solution deliverables and through our Executive Contracting and Consulting service we are able to draw upon external experts when required.
Other consulting services are also available for various recruitment processes such as:
  • external/independent representation on panel interviews
  • interviewing internal candidates
  • assisting with performance management
  • large scale recruitment assignments
  • relocation of overseas employees
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Cameron Careers

Giving advice and guidance to all our candidates is second nature to us; it’s why people return to us time and time again when applying for their next job opportunity.
There are, however, occasions when individual interview coaching can give an applicant an edge in the competitive job market. This service is applicable whether you are in the early stages of your career; have decades of experience, or are looking to shift career paths. Perhaps you want to practise your interview techniques prior to an interview for the job of your dreams, so you gain every possible chance for success. Preparation and practise will be the key and we have the expertise to guide you to your next level.
As part of the service, you can choose to have our Senior Career Specialists conduct a series of role plays and behavioural interviews using a digital record of the interviews to provide feedback and demonstrate areas requiring improvement. We have found this is an incredibly effective way to make immediate improvements to your interview technique.
A sample of the areas covered includes:
  • First impressions
  • Language usage
  • Body language
  • Interview techniques
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Negotiation techniques
As this service is tailored to your needs and ability, it is individually agreed with each participant upfront and charged on an hourly basis.