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‘Tis the season…to be networking!

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Tis the season…to be networkingThe working year may be winding down but the festive season should not be an excuse to let your job hunting lapse into a hazy summer hiatus. As tempting as it may be to take a break from searching for your perfect next move, the end of year festivities and the lull in most business activities provide a nice window of opportunity to keep the momentum going.


Accelerate your networking opportunities and perhaps land that much hoped for VIP introduction. It is also a myth that new jobs are scarce during this time as many offers are made during the year end as managers try to fill jobs before their budgets expire.


Re-evaluate, rejuvenate and re-vamp the resume

The end of year allows all job seekers to take stock and re-assess whether they are on the right path for their next career step and re-evaluate the methods they have been using to get there. This may include the realisation that taking some additional study or a quick course on an often demanded skill should be considered to accelerate your path. If you have dropped out of employment due to maternity leave or a study break, this is also an opportunity to expand your network and re-introduce your talents to employers.


If currently employed but determined that 2015 is the year for the next big step in your career quest, the holiday period is a great time to re-craft your resume, seek the counsel of colleagues and the team at Cameron Recruitment, and research extensively the companies and roles that you wish to target.


Christmas party networking

The most essential thing to do in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year is to liberally take advantage of all the social networking opportunities. Seek out your targets and make yourself very visible. Aside from your targeted future employer, many charity, Chamber of Commerce and industry group functions in addition to awards nights are scheduled at this time and provide a room full of opportunity to get your card and aspirations out into the marketplace!


Be poised to make contact in January

Once precious new contacts are made don’t let them dissolve. Schedule days in January to email and call your contacts, suggest a coffee or lunch catch up in the quiet days before the new year routine kicks in and maintain your visibility, you never know where a casual conversation may lead and always mention your experience. The new year also brings inevitable change and short term opportunities; use your contacts to find out about interim work brought about by staff departures or sudden job openings due to growth in demand or winning of large contracts.

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