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Accountants from Overseas: CPA requirements

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More than ever before, having completed professional qualifications such as the CPA Programme and being a current member is becoming a mandatory requirement for many roles.

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Candidates that have been successful in having their permanent residency visa to Australia granted that wish to apply for membership of CPA Australia must complete the remaining entry level studies before admission.


CPA Australia requires an assessment process to be completed that will advise a candidate whether or not their qualifications are comparable to Australian tertiary qualifications as well as listing the additional studies that must be completed.


There are 12 core curriculum subject areas and they must all be completed before being admitted to CPA Associate membership.

  1. Accounting systems and processes
  2. Financial accounting (financial and corporate)
  3. Management accounting
  4. Accounting theory
  5. Commercial law (introductory, including contracts)
  6. Economics
  7. Quantitative methods
  8. Finance (corporate)
  9. Information systems design and development
  10. Auditing
  11. Taxation law
  12. Company law


Once admitted as an Associate member, candidates must complete the CPA Programme and satisfy requisite work experience before advancing to CPA status.


In general, CPA Australia only assesses academic qualifications and not work experience, however if a candidates’ most recent university qualification was completed over 10 years ago and they are not a member of a professional accounting body, employer testimonials may be provided.


There also exists mutual recognition for members (by examination) of the following associations:

  • Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants;
  • Institute of CPA Singapore; and
  • American Institute of CPAs.


This is a brief summary of CPA Australia’s qualification assessment. For further and detailed advice regarding qualification assessment please contact CPA Australia directly or visit their website:

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